Presently, the programs offered are:

  • Boxing/Kickboxing: Certificate/Ranking
  • Joint Locking: Certificate/Ranking
  • Stick and Knife: Certificate/Ranking
  • Ground Fighting: Certificate
  • Staff: Certificate
  • Saber: Certificate
  • Self-Defense: Certificate

U.S. Chuan Fa also offers training in these arts:

  • Zu Wei Shu
  • Southern Gung Fu
  • Northern Gung Fu
  • Kali/Escrima
  • Kenpo
  • Boxing/Kickboxing
  • Qi Gong
  • Police Use-Of-Force Combat Tactics

The U.S. Chuan Fa Association holds seminars and camps yearly, with discounts for members and their students. These seminars and camps can be tailored to fit your schedule and cover material you are seeking. Seminars or weekend camps can also be tailored to fit individual needs at your location or ours.

Street Boxing:

Our “Street Boxing” program is a highly effective Self-Defense system, using striking methods from Martial Sports like Boxing and Muay Thai, and Self-Defense concepts from arts like Panatuken and Silat.

We begin with basic Boxing movements, to which we add kicks, knees, and elbow strikes. These are trained from both the right and left lead. They are practiced one-on-one with hand and leg pads, using skill drills and sets like those found in arts like Thai Boxing, or practiced on equipment like the heavy bag or wooden man. Self-Defense skill drills are taken from Malaysian or Filipino Arts.

The practice of Martial Sports requires a higher range of skills than most sports, and there is also the added problem of having an opponent that is physically trying to stop you, often by using striking or throwing techniques. This leads to a more demanding fitness level needed. Some of the world’s best athletes come from these sports. The training is aerobically-oriented and is the main study used in our Martial Fitness Program.

Joint Locking:

The USCF Joint Locking Program has both a Certificate and a Ranking section. The major study is included in the Zu Wei Shu program. The basic level is taught in the 3rd year of training (Second Brown Sash Level), and it is required for Black Sash Level. Students may elect to go on to a more advanced training level after their 5th year.

This program stems from the Chinese art of Chin-Na, the forerunner to arts such as Aikido and Ju-Jitsu. Although Chin-Na is not generally studied as an art by itself, it is included in many of the major Gung Fu styles, and most Chinese arts have some degree of joint-locks or takedowns that would have had that common root.

The Certificate program is more of a mechanical study, with an emphasis on use ability, not as a broad study, but used in closer combat to neutralize kicks and punches, counter grappling, disarm weapon attackers, or used as a constraint to control an assailant. This course was developed by Grandmasters Miller and Landon, and while it is not as comprehensive as the Chin-Na course, it is a highly effective street method, and easily adapted to any Martial Art.

Ground Fighting:

The USCF Ground Fighting program was developed by Grandmasters Landon and Miller in the 1970s. It was originally designed to be used by a person on the ground to protect themselves from a standing attacker. This program includes long, middle, and close range techniques. Techniques are not the grappling as taught in the popular Ring Sports today, and, in fact, it is rather an anti-grappling system.

These techniques are extremely well-suited for Martial Artists who practice arts like Tae Kwon Do or Karate Do. Taught as a Certificate course, this is a major aspect of our Zu Wei Shu Gung Fu, and is not offered by other fighting systems.

Qi Gong:

The USCF Qi Gong (Chi Kung) program is the study of universal energies approached from two directions: Martial and Medical. Suited more toward Martial Artists or athletic students, Martial Qi Gong is a physically demanding section that builds internal strength and power while physically strengthening and loosening the body.

Some of the sets taught in the Martial Qi Gong section are:
– Lo Han Shu of Damo
– Tet Lo Han Chin Chuan
– Stone Warrior
– Northern 5 Animal Strength Set

The Medical section emphasizes health and healing by opening blockages and moving Qi throughout the body. This is practiced by performing sets that are softer in nature than the Martial material.

Some of the sets taught in the Medical Qi Gong section are:

  • Swimming Dragon
  • Five Treasures
  • Spring Forest
  • Tai Chi Qi Gong
  • We’re also authorized to teach Levels I & II of Grandmaster Foo’s Da Dao Chan Gong.

U.S. Chuan Fa also teaches a Certificate course on Medical Qi Gong designed for those who involve themselves with helping others heal themselves. This course covers both Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Qi Gong sets for healing with the seasons.

Zu Wei Shu Gung Fu:

Zu Wei Shu Gung Fu is the main study program taught in the U.S. Chuan Fa curriculum. It is taught much like college programs, with the student picking a major and a minor subject along with electives. There are three major divisions: Warrior, Teacher, and Healer.

The Teacher program is presented and taught much the same as any classical Martial Art, with emphasis on discipline and structure of form. The first-year basics are the same as you would find in any Southern Gung Fu system, with stance work, strength training, and two-person drills. Rank is structured around sets or katas, which are practiced open-handed or with classical weapons, such as spear, staff, sword, or kwan do.

The Warrior program is practiced more like Boxing or Thai Boxing, with two person drills, pads, heavy bag, wooden man drills, and sparring. This section includes joint-locking, throwing, and ground-fighting. During the first five years, basic weapons, such as stick, knife, and staff, are covered.

The Healer program is based on Qi Gong, but also includes other modalities, like Reiki, Massage, Reflexology, and Aromatherapy. Students will have classes on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Anatomy, Fasting, Diet, etc. This course is for someone who is interested in helping others, as well as themselves.

In all three programs, there is cross-over work depending on which electives the student is interested in learning. By the time a student reaches teacher level (10 years), s/he will have finished at least one program and training in the other two. Instructor level in any section can be reached after a minimum commitment of 5 years.

The main difference between Zu Wei Shu and other Gung Fu systems is that after the basic beginning levels, Zu Wei Shu is an energy-based art. Grandmaster Miller has developed training methods that enable a student to cultivate and use Qi (energy) applications for Self-Defense and Healing Arts. Sijo Miller has been a highly sought after teacher by advanced students of many Martial Artists systems for over 30 years.

Executive Fitness Training – Designed by a Professional for Professionals:

Our programs utilize the most up-to-date fitness methods used by some of today’s most advanced and successful athletes. We offer personal programs designed to fit your individual needs.

Comprehensive private workouts will include:
– Whole-Body Stretching: to reduce stress and increase energy
– Cardio Workout: without aerobics
– Strength Training: get explosive power but forget the weights
– Self-Defense and Boxing Skills

Our proven methods will help you lose weight, stay in shape, and improve your overall health and well-being. That is our promise to you.