Grand Master Mark Q. Williams

Albuquerque Kenpo Karate Academy / American Kenpo Karate Academy. (AKKA)
April 1972 – May 1993.
Under Master: Bill Packer
White Belt to 1st Degree Black Belt

Rated one of the Rocky Mountain Top 10 Fighters. 1980
New Mexico Kumite State Grand Champion Fighter. 1981, 82, 85, 86, 87, 88 and 1989.

American Ch’uan Fa Society.
May 1994 – Present.
President and Founder of the Society, Executive Board.
8th Degree Black Belt (Head Master)

Martial Artist of the year, United States Chuan Fa Association. 2000
Achievement Award Grandmaster of the year, World Head of Family Sokeship Council. 2002

Member Of:

United States Wushu Kung Fu Federation. August 1995 – Life Member
Ch’uan Fa America. May 1997 – Present. (8th Degree Black)
United States Chuan Fa Association. December 1999 – Present. (9th Level Black Sash)
Jun Bao Wu Shu Martial Arts. October 2001 – October 2002

Grand Master Bob Tollefson

Master Bob Tollefson, head of the Chuan Lu Organization, has been a Martial Artist for over 44 years. He started training with Grand Master Dana Miller in 1970, remaining with Dana through his Teacher Rank (3rd Degree Black) in 1982. He assumed leadership of the Stillwater Chuan Lu school in 1980 and continued to teach publicly until the late 1990’s, producing many Black Belts from his student body. It was in this period he began his training with Grand Master Don Jones. He remained primarily with Don until Don’s passing in 2010. Per Grand Master Jones’ dying declaration Master Tollefson inherited the Chuan Lu system as Grand Master.

Master Tollefson had many martial arts influences in his years of training. He has studied Chinese Kempo (under Grandmaster Miller), Wing Chun (Grandmaster David Wong and Grand Master Don Jones), Tai Chi, Bak Mei Pi and Goju Ru (Grandmaster Miller and Grand Master Jones). Besides being a 10th level and Head of Chuan Lu, he is recognized as a 6th level Black Sash by the US Chuan Fa organization, and a First Don Level in Tang Soo Do. Master Tollefson also has studied healing and martial aspects of Chi Kung and has certificates in Spring Forest Qigong and Reiki.