Mission Statement:

The U.S. Chuan Fa Association is an organization of Grandmasters, Masters, and Teachers from various martial disciplines working together for the promotion and
preservation of authentic Martial Arts.

Although membership is restricted to teachers in the Martial Arts recognized by the council, anyone may apply for acceptance. This is not a financial or political organization, and its sole purpose is to gain knowledge through the sharing of teaching and training methods.

About the USCF:

The association has high ranking Martial Artists from several Martial Arts and associate advisors in many more. Members may seek to advance in a particular style, knowledge, skill, or rank. They would seek out the highest ranking or most knowledgeable member and study with them, or they would be sent to an associate advisor, who could supply them with the information they seek. Membership allows an open door with possible discounts, but students would pay fees required by the actual instructor giving the lessons.

Many Martial Artists have used their unique talents and knowledge to develop their own particular style or training methods. These Martial Artists may register their “art” or “style” with the council, and upon recognition, may add these methods to the list offered to the membership.

Many Martial Artists already belong to an association in which they may advance within their present art, but wish to add skills and training methods from other arts to theirs. For example, a Tae Kwon Do student may see an advantage in studying Boxing to aid their contact tournament skills, or a Karate practitioner may want to add joint-locking or throwing techniques to their striking skills. Rather than start a whole new Martial Art, they can study one of the U.S. Chuan Fa programs, designed to be added to theirs.

These programs are put together specifically for that purpose, and are structured in a “Certificate” or “Ranking” format. The Certificate programs are taught in a seminar-type setting, and are available at your school for both teachers and students. Ranking programs are usually more of a one-on-one class, and are for members only.